Let's be careful about heat stroke in summer! Proposal for fun summer sports!

Hello everyone!

A body care salon “Zero Care” in Nakayama, Yokohama.


Many people who care about balance and condition of the body are playing sports.

In such cases, summer sports are next to the danger of life.

This time, I would like to propose a new way of enjoying summer sports to those who enjoy summer sports.


  • Proposal 1: Early morning or evening

If it's an outdoor sport such as running or baseball, go early in the morning or evening.

It is said that the highest temperature will be recorded from 2pm to 3pm.

By avoiding that time as much as possible, the risk of heat stroke can be minimized.


  • Proposal 2: Reduce

Sport is a game, but above all, it is directly linked to maintaining your physical and mental health.

It may be advisable to adopt shortened rules instead of formal rules only during the summer.


● Don't forget to maintain your body with Zero Care in Nakayama, Yokohama

Maintenance of the body is also important for keeping sports enjoyable for a long time.

We will be happy to assist you if you come regularly.

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