Marathon population is increasing year by year! Body maintenance before entering the second season!

Hello everyone!

A body salon “Zero Care” in Nakayama, Yokohama.


All of a sudden, do you know the marathon population?

According to a questionnaire, the percentage of people who run more than once a year has risen sharply since 2002.

The estimated population is 9.64 million.

Would you like to maintain your body once in the fall, the second season of marathon running?


  • Injured after a long absence

In summer, people who have been absent from running due to heat stroke or lack of mood will start running again in the cooler autumn.

“Injury” is easier to face when exercising after a long time.


Stretch and care before you get hurt.


  • Stretching with two people can also be effective

Stretching can be expected to be more effective by cooperating with two people than with one person.

By visiting our hospital and helping me and the staff, I will support the body-building that is hard to get hurt even after a long exercise.

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