Complete custom-made treatment


Our hospital provides tailor-made treatments tailored to each patient. The reason was that when I saw people in my industry, I was wondering that it was too manual. The cause of each symptom often varies depending on the patient's physical condition, and as you go further, the structure and lifestyle of your body may also vary.

In such a world, is it just necessary to perform the procedure according to the manual? Even if it takes time to face the patient firmly, it may be necessary to perform treatment that suits the patient.
I have the thought.


1. Emphasis on hearing


In order to deliver a treatment suitable for the patient, it is necessary to grasp the situation of the other party firmly.

Is this related to injury experiences, chronic illnesses, exercise experience, job content, etc.? We will interview you and provide appropriate treatment.

2. Complete reservation system


Our hospital has a complete reservation system.

By making a complete reservation system, each patient can take sufficient time to respond, while the daily reservation frame has been decided, so we recommend that you make an appointment as soon as possible. I have you.

3. Can be performed with children


Because there are still small children, mothers who can not go easily are also safe.

Our hospital welcomes visits with strollers (please tell us in advance).

Please use the bulletin board


Anyone can use the bulletin board outside our hospital.
[I want to recruit team members, announce events, introduce shops ... etc]

You are free to use it as long as you can apply it.
I think it will lead to regional revitalization.