Our philosophy

It is a body care salon zero care.
This salon will deliver tailor-made treatments tailored to the patient.

Facing the patient firmly, listening to the current symptoms and worries will lead to the solution.
While always having this feeling, we are treating patients on a daily basis.

Staff introduction

Arata TerashimaArata Terashima

Hello. This is Terashima, the owner.

I spent my days in baseball from elementary school to high school, and when I was in my third year of high school, I participated in Koshien at Sakucho Seigaku High School in Nagano, where I met a profession called “Trainer”.

As a professional baseball / worker baseball / professional golfer trainer, we opened zero care in Nakayamacho in April 2019.


Mika TerashimaMika Terashima

When I was a student, I was sweating with volleyball.

After graduation, I gain experience in a major relaxation industry, and I do it every day with the desire to create an environment where patients can be treated in a friendly manner, rather than operating according to the manual.


Store schedule

Attendance schedule

« 8/8 ~ 8/14 »
  8/8(sat) 8/9(sun) 8/10(mon) 8/11(tue) 8/12(wed) 8/13(thu) 8/14(fri)
Arata TerashimaArata Terashima- - - - - - -
Mika TerashimaMika Terashima- - - - - - -

Treatment flow


①Registration / Questionnaire entry

After receiving, please fill out the questionnaire.


② Description of counseling and treatment

We will call your name and ask you for an interview. We will listen to the patient's physical pain and problems.
We perform treatment after obtaining consent after treatment plan for symptom improvement. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any questions or concerns.


③ Treatment

The patient's physical condition is grasped firmly and treatment is started.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns, concerns, or pain.



The treatment is over.

Payment will be made and the next reservation will be accepted.